I bet you didn’t know that a Buyer can fall in love with a listing in the first 7 seconds of seeing the home. Buyers can have the opposite reaction just as quickly. I’ve had Buyers actually tell me as soon as we ride up to the home that they don’t want to see it.  I’ve had Buyers excitedly want to see a home that was their on their dream home list– only to become less than enthusiastic as I’m opening the door.  Why?

Have you ever seen the line “Pride of Ownership”, “Turnkey Home”, “Move-In Ready”?  These key descriptive terms are wonderful to draw a Buyer in but if the first 7 seconds of impression is of a home with cracking paint, un-kept lawn, dirt and spider webs hanging, then you can imagine the Buyer’s first impression may actually completely erase their initial excitement.

Before I list a home, I go through the First impression run and identify things that may sabotage that first impression.  If a Seller is looking for the BEST return the market can offer; then pay attention to the front along with the inside and back.  When your home is on the Market, remember you are selling the home to a buyer who subconsciously is looking for a home that they are proud to drive up to and turn that front door key.