Selling the home you’re living in can be a challenge.  Like you, my schedule allows me very little time to breath.  It’s hard enough to keep track of where I need to be next and making sure the house is devoid of things laying around rooms, counters or sinks.  And don’t get me started on having all the beds made pretty—I’ll admit that doesn’t happen as often as I like.

So here’s the first rule about selling your home—You are selling to a Buyer.  Are you saying right now—“No kidding?”.  Believe it or not, that simple rule seems to be forgotten in many of the homes I show to my Buyers.  Making your home competitive, attractive and unparalled in a Buyer’s mind should start with understanding how a Buyer works..  

Excitement and Anxiety

Buyers are truly excited to forward on a listing to me that has caught their eye. The home, on paper, could be everything they’ve been looking for and then some.   By the time I’m asked to set the appointment, they are seeing themselves  cooking in your kitchen or walking through that front door after work. When you are the Seller, bearing in mind that your Home needs to be The Buyer’s home at first glance is important!

Buyers also are anxious thinking through all the what ifs of the entire buying and closing process. These concerns may be overcome if your home has the right balance of their needs but calls out to their hidden wants.

Buyers can also simply look at homes to feel out what they want.  Just because a Buyer is in the looking phase doesn’t mean they can’t buy.  Rather, most Buyers I work with tend to have done their homework upfront so the chances that your home may be the one can be higher if they see how much more attractive the home is versus the pictures on the internet.

Here are a few tips that I’ve passed on to my Sellers

  • Look around you – does your personal decorations (family pics, furniture, accessories, etc..) shout out to you first before you see anything else?  If so then a Buyer will be looking at the same things first and be distracted.  Trim down the personal effects.
  • Are you a gourmet chef who loves to experiment with new flavors and recipes all the time?  I fall in that category too.  But when you sell a home, Buyers buy with ALL their senses.  Don’t let the scent of last night’s dinner turn away a potential buyer.
  • Did you let go of your gardener, pool guy, vacumn cleaner all on the day of showing?  This is not the right time to let go of the services that helped you keep balance in life.  Buyers want to see pretty.  They need to picture themselves in the room you currently use as the “catch all” room.

These are some of the ideas that can generate a potential quick contract.  A home sale should be customized to you and what you’re trying to achieve. Selling a home quickly is everyone’s goal.  Putting a sign on the lawn and having a lockbox on the door is not the solution.  I sell lifestyles.  Contact me so I can help you or someone you know to get the most dollars for that awesome home.