I often hear the words community to only mean the HOA governing a particular subdivision.  In my 10 years in Real Estate I find myself also adding a few extensions onto that definition.

Community is more than just where a home sits within a particular homeowner’s association area.  It is also the accessibility for you or your family to be close to places you can become involved.  It is where you will surely build memories from meeting at a local coffee house to a place you can grab lunch/dinner that you can build memories from.  It is where your children makes new friends as they grow into the school years.  Where you can find that one special person who, above all else, is your friend through thick or thin.

I have been blessed to find my special community everywhere I’ve lived.  But my home became the gathering place where I’ve enjoyed and expanded on friendships.  The fact that when you choose a home you don’t necessarily know what type of openness is in store.  Well like I’ve said to many of my clients and to my own family, if you don’t find what you want – then you need to go out and make it.

You would be surprised at how many people out there are looking for others to hang with, talk to, share recipes or play Bingo.  And if you’re not too keen on having a lot of people around, simply finding a great place to sit and people watch is worth more than anything you can encounter.

So when you look to Buy a home in a fantastic community, take the time to scope out the surroundings.  If you’re Selling a home in a wonderful community, I for one will highlight that piece.

 My clients know that I don’t simply sell a building—I sell lifestyles.