Buyers dream of purchasing a home long before they pick up the phone to call me about showing homes.  The decision to buy is not one that is made overnight.  Today’s Buyers take in an overwhelming amount of information before I even get the first call.

Researching how to buy a home on the Internet can render hundreds of hits.  Yes, that’s right – HUNDREDS.  So actually finding a sure fire way to get into the market can be extremely confusing especially when you have to piece meal information from so many different sources.

When I’m asked by a Buyer what they should do first, I often fall back to these particular steps:

  • Understand your expenses. How much are you paying in rent?  What are you paying in utilities? What are your other costs (i.e. car payment, student loan, credit cards).  Now write down and total up.
  • How much of your income is left AFTER you pay your bills? Expenses above minus your take home pay or income.
  • What’s your Net result? I’m going to assume you have money left over after you take out your expenses from your income.  Now looking at that number, how much of that can you comfortably use to pay for your home along with the expenses?

The Joy of Owning

Owning a home means that your rent is now replaced by a loan that you owe a Lender.  You will still pay utilities, buy groceries, pay your car payment, etc..  You’ll also add in property taxes and any other fees that you may have to pay as part of the loan (home insurance, HOA dues as an example).

It may be nerve-wracking to know that you’ll be paying for things you aren’t currently paying for BUT here’s the wonderful parts of owning versus renting:

  • You will be able to write off certain items from your taxes related to your home. Who doesn’t want to save money on taxes?
  • You will NEVER have a worry that your landlord will say no to you painting that room hot pink or allowing you to have a furry best friend.
  • You will NOT have a possibility that your rent will increase at the Landlords whim OR that your landlord will send you a vacate notice – OUCH.

So in other words, YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR OWN SHIP.  YOU ARE THE KING/QUEEEN OF YOUR OWN CASTLE.  So give Buying a serious thought.

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