Over the last 8 years, the housing market has been trending towards Multigenerational homes. In our current times, it’s not unheard of or unique to have 2 or more generations living all under the same roof. These households can come in all shapes and sizes.  Government statistics show that close to 20% of households (vs. 12.1% in 1980) currently have more than one generation living under its roof.

Some of my own friends are living under one roof with their recent college graduate children who are unable to find a job that allows them to live independently.  Whether it’s the cost of living on your own or the silent expense such as health care and college loan debt, the fact is that we are seeing record numbers of adult children living with their parent unlike before.

Families with aging parents look to move their parents in to provide care in their later years.  The ability to accommodate additional occupants coupled with features that can or do address their physical restrictions are important elements to consider.

Lastly, some Buyers purchase these homes simply because they want to own more but the affordability is out of their range so they choose to share the financial burden with a family member(s).

If you’re looking for a home that contains features combing separate privacy areas with space to allow the different generations to come together, then the best way to start is to setup a list of privacy features you need.  Some of the ones that my clients ask for are:

  • 1st Floor Bedroom with a full bath.
  • Extra rooms to allow for get aways (formal rooms that are not in same location as family room or loft areas).
  • Extra garage space (3 or more)
  • Larger kitchen sizes
  • More than ONE AC thermostat controller in the house.

These are just a few examples.  But for most of my clients, it’s about space to live together but not be in each other’s way.  If we can’t find the house with exactly what they want, we look for something that has the potential for the least amount of remodel to accommodate.

Multigenerational living is wonderful if you Make the Right Move!  Call me if you’re moving towards needing one of these homes or have outgrown your own multigenerational home and looking for that perfect Buyer!