LADIES!!!!!  It’s time to take back our Fun days.  Men have Man-caves  so why can’t us Women have She Sheds?  You heard it right.  She –Shed.  A private Hide A Way spot in your backyard with all the things that would make the Girlie side of you happy.  My own personal space away to just find some quiet time………..Here are some thoughts on what I’d have in my She Shed:

  1. Paint and Style It: My She Shed would look like something you see aged on the beaches of the Hamptons.  As an East Coast gal, I miss the beautiful shorelines with muted green plantings and dunes….


  1. Decorate It: Seashells, a fabric white anchor and flowy white curtains and a cute beach chairs will just make me feel all Salt by the Sea – ish


  1. Get Comfy With It: I’d throw in pillows…tons of pillows!!  My husband won’t have any say so or be annoyed since it’s MY place and he’s only allowed if he’s invited….DID I SAY IT WAS MY PLACE?


  1. And Lastly: I’d make it pretty on the outside with pots of plants that makes me remember the sea—how’s cat tails, cool grassy looking stuff, Heck I may even splurge on a Sand table


Anyway you get the hint.  A She Shed in a backyard should be your refuge…… What’s your dream?  No backyard to fit it in?  Well call me and let’s get you a home with one.