Is this room childproof??????

How many of us look around the home we’ve lived in for a while and make mental lists of what we’d like to do to change?  I do (as my dear husband will tell you from the expanding honey-do list).  Whether you want the change because it’s time to rid the house of that green carpet or converting that room that once housed your dear child to your new awesome gym/yoga/scrapping room; keep function in mind.

I’ve seen so many homes over the years where owners customized their homes so much that they lost sight of what the general buying population needs in a home.  Unfortunately, the customized features or remodels may not have always taken into account anyone other than the Seller’s tastes.

I showed a home recently in a million dollar neighborhood. Every home was unique but built about 10 years earlier.  Some were updated, some were remodeled.  Well this home in particular was built with a very odd floorplan that had the kitchen and the garage entrance at total opposite ends.  This was a 1 story home with a 3500 square foot layout so you can imagine what a trudge it was to get groceries to your kitchen.  Form took over function during this construction.

It’s not just that one subdivision either.  Another home was beautiful in the front on the inside was to die for.  But the backyard was very curious.  The lot was not large enough for a 1 story home in an L shape pattern but it did have a perfect spot for a pool that allowed a view of the pool from a few rooms.  Instead the pool was tucked away in the yard that faced towards the back side of the home where there were no windows.  Completely out of site.  Now that may be great for some folks, but this neighborhood had great elementary and high school.  It was a draw for many families.  Unfortunately, I think because of the placement of the pool, it was hard for families to completely engage in this home.

My third example is a home that lost a garage stall because the owner wanted a “man cave”.  The only space they thought of to convert the 3rd car stall into a man cave.  So they walled off the space, added lines and its own AC.  Great idea right?  Well, the home sat and sat because every home in the neighborhood had a 3 car garage.

So the moral of the story is when you remodel, build or upgrade keep in mind the ability to convert this back if necessary when you sell.  Function is very important to buyers. While they appreciate granite, a pool, large rooms, fun extra rooms; they also look for functionality. If they feel that the home is missing an important feature, then it may take longer to sell because the right buyer may a needle in a haystack.