The Art of Home Selling is a science.  The timing, location, price must marry up with the emotional needs of a potential Buyer.  Can the Buyer see themselves in your home?  Do they imagine living in this space?  Can they see family, friends, kids and their friends in this home?

When a home can show a Person how they can live in and afford this wonderful space, then the Seller has increased their chances for an offer.  On the Flip side, Sellers may innocently (or unknowingly) pushed their homes to a Buyers’ backburner or right off their Top 3 lists through simple oversights.  Here are a few things that may derail your home selling quickly or at the price you’re seeking:

Quote:  If someone doesn’t like my Fuchsia/Pickle Green/Chartreuse walls they don’t have to buy my home.

While painting any home is not a difficult task; the cost of professional painting is expensive.  Very rarely will a Buyer bring a slew of contractors to a home showing (Painters, carpet people, etc..).  A Buyer’s evaluation of what they would have to pay to simply paint over dark or outdated paint may be overstated BUT will work against the home’s attractiveness.

Quote:  I don’t have to sell.

Not many Sellers “have to sell”.  Renting the home is a definite option or simply staying put.  However, when you’ve completed the leg work (some being difficult and time consuming) to determine if you should sell; chances are you WANT  to sell (notice I didn’t say HAVE to sell).  If you are listing your home, you’ll benefit greatly by putting in the time, effort, energy and analysis of how to sell quickly and at the best price.  Not having to sell shouldn’t be THE reason to not put your best foot forward.  This will not only get you potentially more showings but also provide you the opportunity to sell at a wonderful price point.

Quote:  My neighbors’ house is/was not as nice as mine.

As they say “Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder”.  Majority of Buyers purchase with their eyes first.  If they can’t see or connect your home to their lifestyle, budget and sense of value; then your neighbor’s home may be the one receiving your contract.

Quote: This is a 20 year old home.  We’ve never had an issue with this broken *Fill In The Blank*

So full disclosure here:  I am not an expert in everything that runs a house.  I’m not a plumber, an electrician, a landscaper or pool expert.  However, I’ve seen many homes in my career that a small repair item caused a much larger issue.  Example:  A runny toilet caused a big leak which then took out the ceiling below.

A buyer more than likely will obtain a full home inspection.  Not only will addressing small issues benefit in your sale, but may also fend off the big headaches that you’ll encounter if this repair is just one item in a series of working mechanisms.

Quote: Zillow says my house is worth a million dollars

This is my favorite one.  I’ve never really understood Zillow.  My biggest example is looking at my own home and seeing the value differs greatly from my neighbor’s home .  Same house, same square footage, same lot size and both with pools.  Neither one is on the Market (so not being sold).  Yet, there is a Market Value difference.  Zillow is a great guideline BUT Zillow is not the source for an appraisal if you’re selling to a Buyer with a loan.  True, current and objective comparables are the basis of an appraisal.  If you’re looking at a Zillow value as the sole source to set the right price for your home; then this may cause your home to be either undervalued or overvalued.  Applicable transactions is the guide and a seasoned Realtor is the best source to obtain the best values.

Your home is one of your biggest assets.  Selling one of your biggest assets, whether in a limited supply market or in a market that has high inventory, deserves the BEST foot forward and the BEST Agent representation.