The abundance of homes on the market with gray, greige, sage and white interiors is mind blowing.  This trend has been extremely popular for a few years and is easily seen in new build model homes everywhere. But having the newest paint color on your walls isn’t going to sell the home if it’s not a complete “package”.  With the number of showings I take Buyers through on any given appointment per day (5-8) the gray/white homes easily blend together.

When Sellers ask me if they should paint the home gray (or any shade thereof) when listing; I look at not the color itself but what can make the home stand out with shades of grays. Making a home “pop” and move to the front of a Buyer’s mind is everything other than the paint color.  Here is a Food for Thought list:

  • Curb appeal—the front of the house is the very first thing a Buyer sees.  Think of the walking path to the front door as its own room.   Would you be happy viewing a messy home with every available space packed with items that hide wonderful spaces?  The front should represent your pride of the home inside as well.  Let it say loudly “Welcome Home!”.
  • Interior Spaces-Buyers want to fall in love with a home.  How they get there is through being able to see themselves Live, Laugh and Love in the home you’re selling.  Declutter, declutter, declutter—especially if you’re providing shelter to things that may date the home or detract from that gorgeous interior hidden underneath.  Giving the home a good scrub down and fixing those obvious issues (i.e.-a dirty AC vent, replace your lights to brighten the rooms, making sure unattractive smells, fixing those broken items, etc.), can take away concerns about the level of care taken on the home.  
  • Accessorize- Now I’m going to totally do a 360 on the advice above (sort of).  While a houseful of stuff can be distracting, having the right stuff could actually bring home (sorry pun intended) that your home is THE one! Brighten up those gray walls with updated wall décor.  Personalize in a limited amount but do personalize.  People want to see the home is loved.  Freshen up your furniture with simple pillows and use decorations as a way to tell someone how wonderful the home will be for the next owner.

Making your home stand out is key to selling.  If your home blends in with the others then it may not connect in the heartstrings of the Buyers you’re trying to attract.  While this is still a Seller’s market, Buyers are still looking at their options so MAKE yours be the winning option!!