Moving To Be With Your Family

It’s an inevitable truth that when your kids grow up, as mine is doing, their sense of independence will send them out on their own.  The house they’ve grown up in, had friends over to and increasingly made their own private teen junk yard, will be just...

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Buying While You’re Selling

It’s Spring Time!!!  Birds are coming home.  Families start to come out of the Winter hibernation to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Homes are coming on the Market chased by an army of Buyers trying to buy their Forever home. We continue to be in a Sellers’...

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Inspector Gadget In The HOUSE!

The newest and greatest gadgets of today have all the capabilities of making our lives easier.  From reminding us of important events to turning on our lights; the market is finally offering us the tools that were once only showing up in Sci Fi movies.  Who doesn’t...

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Halloween Ghoulish Treats

Food For The Ghouls (and Goblins like it too!) Halloween.  It's my favorite time of the year for so many different reasons!  My favorite memories include the Halloweens when my son was real little.  We dressed him up in all these cute costumes and actually had Little...

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Think of Others When You Remodel

Is this room childproof?????? How many of us look around the home we’ve lived in for a while and make mental lists of what we’d like to do to change?  I do (as my dear husband will tell you from the expanding honey-do list).  Whether you want the change because it’s...

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a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.

I love, love, love Real Estate.  One of my biggest joys is in providing Clients (Buyers and Sellers) valuable and Current information to Help Make the Right Moves.  I put together a series of video blogs that can help you through your Home Sale journey.