A Community to Call Home

 I often hear the words community to only mean the HOA governing a particular subdivision.  In my 10 years in Real Estate I find myself also adding a few extensions onto that definition. Community is more than just where a home sits within a particular homeowner’s...

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An Awesome Start to Homeownership

Buyers dream of purchasing a home long before they pick up the phone to call me about showing homes.  The decision to buy is not one that is made overnight.  Today’s Buyers take in an overwhelming amount of information before I even get the first call. Researching how...

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Homes Need Love Too!

As I know too well, aging is a natural process that one cannot stop. Like us, homes age in a variety of ways. There are those that age very well with only a few things that may benefit from a help to those that may just need a whole lotta love because of poor...

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Between You and Me………..

Consumers often don’t realize or know that information or data discussed in the News media about the housing industry is often AFTER the fact.  When we hear “Housing starts...”, “New Construction numbers just in…”, etc. these are facts as: gathered from a specific...

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a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.

I love, love, love Real Estate.  One of my biggest joys is in providing Clients (Buyers and Sellers) valuable and Current information to Help Make the Right Moves.  I put together a series of video blogs that can help you through your Home Sale journey.