You, Too, Can Buy!

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want a house so bad but I can’t buy right now” or “I want to move but I can’t buy right now”.  Why do these thoughts come to mind?  In my opinion, there are NO issues that can’t be overcome in order for you to get that new house.  My job is to make that dream come true.  I am on your Team and together we’ll make that Dream of a new home a Reality!!


    What Does an Inspection Report Do for Me?

    Home Inspections are invaluable tools for both Buyers and Sellers.  Rarely is there a tool that gives you an insight into areas of your home that you may simply may not know exists without a professional eye. 

    To understand the report, you’ll need to understand what and why it exists.  

    A home inspector is hired, typically, for a home sale.  In the Arizona home contract, the first phase of a sale covers the Inspection period. This period (10 calendar days) allows the Buyer the opportunity to inspect all aspects of their purchase. Not simply limited to physical inspections, the inspection period is provided to the Buyer for research into a wide variety of review.  

    As part of the process, physical inspections are contracted and performed during this period.  With a Home Inspection, the professional inspector will go through the home from the exterior (including the roof) to the interior (including the crawl spaces, plumbing etc.).  Once completed, the Inspector will provide a report to the Buyer identifying things to look out for, things that should be repaired and things that are fine with the contracted home.  In other words, this should tell you what your future home may or may not need for repairs and the solidness of the home.

    So how does the report look and what does it tell me?  

    Exterior:  Exterior walls, ground drainage, cursory view of infestation, electrical panels, sprinkler/watering systems (hose bibs and irrigation).  Depending on the Inspector, other more specific items may be looked at as well.

    Roof:  An inspector in Arizona will look at the roof and determine if there are any areas of potential repairs.  We typically have tiled roofs and tiles seem to be the dominant item that gets called out.  It’s is very normal to have broken tiles due to our climate.


    Plumbing:  Sinks, water heater, drainage areas of tubs and showers, shower heads, faucets/fixtures are tested and any potential issues or existing ones are identified. 

    Electrical Systems: Smoke detectors, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, lights are typically inspected


    Air Conditioners:  The inspector most likely will not inspect the physical units from top to bottom. That is something that an AC professional would be more experienced to perform.  However, the inspector will test whether the system functions based on how well the AC cools the house.  They may also look at the vents and receptacles and make recommendations accordingly.

    Heating:  The heating is evaluated to determine if it works properly and if any servicing or repairs are needed.

    Interior:  Doors, ceilings, windows, locks, walls are just some of the things that are inspected.  A good inspector will be thorough and will advise you of how things function and detect items that may not function the way it should.  

    A home inspection can be a fantastic tool for homeowners whether or not the home is being sold.  Physicals, car maintenance, dental checkups all work to keep ourselves and our things in working order.  A home inspection is a wonderful way to check in and checkup on your home’s well-being.  

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    Mortgage Interest Rates

    BRAGGING RIGHTS~~Holding Out For the BEST Mortgage Interest Rate

    When I have a get together with family and friends and the topic of home buying comes around, it never fails that mortgage interest rates comes into the conversation.  There’s always one person who has an interest rate that BEATS everyone else’s at the table.

    Interestingly, no one actually asks what the difference is in the actual monthly mortgage payment based on their AMAZING Interest rate number.  While we marvel at some of the rates that are put out there; the actual difference in monthly mortgage payment is what should be the tell all of whether you look at buying a home today or gamble on a better set of circumstances in the future.

    Take for example this scenario.   You want to buy a home and find that in your desired area and desired size home, the average Sales price is about $300,000.00.  You start your search and talk to a Lender.  They tell you the current interest rate that’s out there and it’s 4 % for a 30 year loan.  You can qualify for an FHA loan at 3.5% down payment. Quick calculation says that your monthly principal and interest will be about $1382 per month.

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    Renting Helps Your Landlord Get Rich

    I rented after College till after my Husband and I made the leap to buying our very first home.  The size of our rental was just one in a list of other factors that pushed us to run (not skip) and find our first place.  Not sure if you’ve ever had these same issues with your Rental but here were mine:

    • ZERO freedom to put our personal touches on any part of the inside or outside
    • Waiting on Landlord to repair things that break (i.e. drippy faucet, bad toilet, etc)
    • Any money we spent on the house that improved the place would be left for the next tenant to enjoy.
    • We had to ask for Permission, to change anything!
    • Not ONE cent of my rent was deductible on my Personal taxes!!! My Homeowner friends who were able to deduct, at minimum, mortgage interest.  So guess who sadly forked over more of the piggy bank to the IRS?  Answer: ME!
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    First Time Home Buyer Tricks and Tips

    THE First Time Homebuyer Talk

    Buying your first house is one of the most exciting times in your life!  With many of my first time buyers, the prospect of their very first home can also be a bit unnerving.  But don't let those jitters get in the way of YOU becoming a Home Owner.  Before I give you my top 5 tips on how to get you the keys to your dream house, let's look at the reasons why buying a home VS. renting is such a great benefit.

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    Ladies!!!  TAKE HEED!  You are KICKING BUTT in the Housing Market.

    Over the past 12 months, single women made up 17 percent of all homebuyers , purchasing at twice the rate of their single male counterparts, according to a new annual report from the National Association of REALTORS®.




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