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    Things That Can Impact Your Home Sale

    Most sellers focus on beautifying their home before it hits the market.  They’re absolutely right that this is a HUGE part of making sure your home stands out and loved by the biggest pool of Buyers.  However, in the pursuit of picking the right wall color or finding the right accessories, little things get overlooked.  Some of these little things can actually impact a Buyers desire to put in an offer.  Here are a few little things that can make a Big impact:

    Bugs.  Some buyers are very turned off by the thought of any bugs.  In Arizona our biggest issue for buyers are scorpions.  But I’ve been in listings where spiders, roaches, etc.. are nesting right in the pathway of a Buyer’s view.  Inside and Out!

    Carpet Spots.  When you live an active Day to Day life, the flooring can get tired and spotty. In the minds of a Buyer, this may be mean a complete replacement of the entire home carpet.  Translation: this could cost me hundreds in flooring replacement.

    Cloudy windows.  If it’s dirt, then it’s an easy fix.  Clean them!  If it’s a part of the Window, then it could be broken seals.  While it may cost you more to replace them, know that 1) they’ll be detected in a home inspection and 2) may cause you an issue in energy efficiency or break the window.

    Thick or Pungent Smells.  I love cooking and baking! I’m at my happiest when I have a cutting board and oven in front of me.  Certain smells turn off Buyers because they’re worried they won’t be able to get those smells out of the walls.  This goes for cigarettes and cigars.  There is NO amount of air spray, cleaning agents, etc., that can easily get those out.  And I can write a book on Pet urine smells.

    These are so easy to overlook because we live our lives in this home.  While Buyers are attracted to the décor, Buyers look at more than the pretty color walls and fluffy pillows.

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    Mortgage Interest Rates

    BRAGGING RIGHTS~~Holding Out For the BEST Mortgage Interest Rate

    When I have a get together with family and friends and the topic of home buying comes around, it never fails that mortgage interest rates comes into the conversation.  There’s always one person who has an interest rate that BEATS everyone else’s at the table.

    Interestingly, no one actually asks what the difference is in the actual monthly mortgage payment based on their AMAZING Interest rate number.  While we marvel at some of the rates that are put out there; the actual difference in monthly mortgage payment is what should be the tell all of whether you look at buying a home today or gamble on a better set of circumstances in the future.

    Take for example this scenario.   You want to buy a home and find that in your desired area and desired size home, the average Sales price is about $300,000.00.  You start your search and talk to a Lender.  They tell you the current interest rate that’s out there and it’s 4 % for a 30 year loan.  You can qualify for an FHA loan at 3.5% down payment. Quick calculation says that your monthly principal and interest will be about $1382 per month.

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    Building a Village Under One Roof

    Over the last 8 years, the housing market has been trending towards Multigenerational homes. In our current times, it’s not unheard of or unique to have 2 or more generations living all under the same roof. These households can come in all shapes and sizes.  Government statistics show that close to 20% of households (vs. 12.1% in 1980) currently have more than one generation living under its roof.

    Some of my own friends are living under one roof with their recent college graduate children who are unable to find a job that allows them to live independently.  Whether it’s the cost of living on your own or the silent expense such as health care and college loan debt, the fact is that we are seeing record numbers of adult children living with their parent unlike before.

    Families with aging parents look to move their parents in to provide care in their later years.  The ability to accommodate additional occupants coupled with features that can or do address their physical restrictions are important elements to consider.

    Lastly, some Buyers purchase these homes simply because they want to own more but the affordability is out of their range so they choose to share the financial burden with a family member(s).

    If you’re looking for a home that contains features combing separate privacy areas with space to allow the different generations to come together, then the best way to start is to setup a list of privacy features you need.  Some of the ones that my clients ask for are:

    • 1st Floor Bedroom with a full bath.
    • Extra rooms to allow for get aways (formal rooms that are not in same location as family room or loft areas).
    • Extra garage space (3 or more)
    • Larger kitchen sizes
    • More than ONE AC thermostat controller in the house.

    These are just a few examples.  But for most of my clients, it’s about space to live together but not be in each other’s way.  If we can’t find the house with exactly what they want, we look for something that has the potential for the least amount of remodel to accommodate.

    Multigenerational living is wonderful if you Make the Right Move!  Call me if you’re moving towards needing one of these homes or have outgrown your own multigenerational home and looking for that perfect Buyer!

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    How To Actually Sell Your Awesome Home

    Selling the home you’re living in can be a challenge.  Like you, my schedule allows me very little time to breath.  It’s hard enough to keep track of where I need to be next and making sure the house is devoid of things laying around rooms, counters or sinks.  And don’t get me started on having all the beds made pretty---I’ll admit that doesn’t happen as often as I like.

    So here’s the first rule about selling your home—You are selling to a Buyer.  Are you saying right now—“No kidding?”.  Believe it or not, that simple rule seems to be forgotten in many of the homes I show to my Buyers.  Making your home competitive, attractive and unparalled in a Buyer's mind should start with understanding how a Buyer works..  

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    I bet you didn’t know that a Buyer can fall in love with a listing in the first 7 seconds of seeing the home. Buyers can have the opposite reaction just as quickly. I’ve had Buyers actually tell me as soon as we ride up to the home that they don’t want to see it.  I've had Buyers excitedly want to see a home that was their on their dream home list-- only to become less than enthusiastic as I'm opening the door.  Why?

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